1. What's the difference between a farmer and a producer?
    Answer: A farmer is an individual who cultivates land and grows our coffee. A producer, refers to an entity who oversees the entire process of coffee production, from cultivation to processing and in our case to the point of roasting. While a farmer focuses on the growth of the coffee cherries, a producer manages the broader spectrum of activities, which can include working with a selected number of farmers, processing the coffee, and ensuring its quality.
  2. How do I know that your coffee is from the origin you mention?
    Answer: We pride ourselves on transparency and authenticity. As direct producers, we have a close relationship with our farmers and oversee the entire supply chain. We provide traceability information for each batch of coffee, and you can always reach out to us for more detailed information about the origin and the farmers behind each cup.
  3. I am a wholesale company. How can I buy coffee in bulk?
    Answer: We're thrilled to partner with wholesalers! Please contact our sales team directly through our website. They'll assist you with all the details, including pricing, quantities, and shipping.
  4. How can I learn more about the story behind your farmers?
    Answer: Our farmers are at the heart of our business. We regularly share their stories, insights, and experiences through our social media channels. Additionally, we're always open to direct conversations if you'd like to dive deeper into their stories.
  5. Why don't you provide more origins and blends?
    Answer: We believe in quality over quantity. As direct producers, we have a deep understanding of our product and a strong relationship with our farmers. This allows us to ensure the highest quality coffee. By focusing on specific origins, we can maintain this quality and provide you with a coffee that truly represents its origin.
  6. Can I get involved in the projects you're doing for the community?
    Answer: Absolutely! We're always looking for partners and individuals who share our passion for community development and sustainability. Please reach out to our team to discuss how you can contribute and be a part of our ongoing projects.