About us

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Café Cielo de Oro is an international, high quality coffee producer and importer. We believe that good coffee is the result of tradition, respect for the land, community effort, and exceptional roasting.

We share a considerable amount of our profits with our farmers, ensuring they and their families lead better lives. Additionally, we allocate a portion of these earnings to support the local community and conserve our vibrant landscapes. This creates a circular economy: we offer exceptional coffee, and in return, your purchase contributes to a healthier planet and happier families.

Our coffee is a tribute to our farmers and the lands they cherish. We lovingly roast it in our state-of-the-art facility in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, where we balance traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology to extract the best aromas and flavours.

The result is a perfect blend – soft on the palate, yet rich in taste and fully-bodied, making it a fantastic coffee for those who search for perfection in a smooth cup of coffee with almost zero acidity.

Buy by the bag or wholesale. We’re here to fulfil your high-quality coffee needs.